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Although one of our top priorities is fun, safety comes first.  We have a very specific set of policies to protect your child on a daily basis.  Some of these policies require your cooperation, so please take time to read and fully understand them.


These policies and procedures are updated regularily.  For the latest and most accurate version, please contact us directly by phone or email.




The purpose of these policies and procedures is to provide a clear, written course of action in any given situation that may occur at Summer Shake Day Camp.  As a ministry within Woodvale Pentecostal Church, it operates under general church safety and security guidelines and policies.  These policies expand and extend current safety and security policies. 

In a general perspective, these policies and procedures are superseded by any Woodvale Pentecostal Church policy and should be observed as such. 






Campers may be dropped off from 7:30AM to 9:00AM and picked up from 4:00PM to 5:30PM.  If a child is being dropped off outside of these hours, they must ring the bell at the entrance and be let in by a Lead Coach or Director.  At drop off, a parent must present their secure barcode to be scanned for check in.  If it is a camper’s first week at camp, a barcode will be issued by the camp office.  Before care (7:30 – 8:30AM) and after care (4:30 – 5:30 PM) are each an additional $2.00 per day, per child.




Names of anyone other than a parent or guardian who is authorized to pick up your child should be clearly listed on your registration form.  Photo ID will be required of anyone who we do not recognize.  Under no circumstance will be release a child to anyone unless they are on the authorized pick up list.  Parents may add names to this list at any time by showing photo ID along with a written note identifying the person.  We will verify call-ins by calling a parent/guardian back at a number already listed on your registration form.

Some families choose to car pool or go home with friends at the end of the day.  Parents must give written permission for a child to go home with another parent.

Safety and welfare of our campers is our number one priority.  If we have reason to believe that a parent or another authorized person on the pick-up list is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or impaired in any other way that may affect their care for the child, we will nto release the camper into that person’s custody.  We will call a spouse, relative or someone else on the child’s pick-up list.




All entrances to our designated common areas are treated as monitored doors during camp hours.  Any unlocked entrance is monitored by a staff member.  In addition, our main entrance will be locked outside of our designated pick-up and drop-off hours.  Upon arrival, an individual should ring the bell, to have someone come to the entrance to let them in.




Regardless of relationship to child; parents, guardians, siblings and all other unauthorized people are not permitted to enter the camp room or any other room occupied by campers.  Children will be brought to the parent or guardian by a staff member upon request.  Any authorized visitor must be identified by a visitor’s badge that must be clearly visible the entire time they are on site.




Information collected from parents or guardians upon registration is disseminated within the organization on a need to know basis to equip staff to better serve our campers.  Records are maintained indefinitely onsite. 

Photos and videos may be taken or recorded for advertising purposes.  Any requests to limit photography or video will be honored with the exception of images taken for safety and security purposes on off-site activities.

Tax receipts can only be issued to the names of which payment has been made.  Exceptions cannot be made.




At pick-up, parents must present their barcode to scan.  Child will only be released to listed parents or pre-authorized individuals.  Parents who do not have their barcode with them, will be immediately asked to present Government issued photo identification.  If someone else is expected to pick up a child, a written, signed and date noted must be given to the front desk and will be kept on file.  This individual will also be required to present Government issued photo identification.




Regular random identification checks will also be done every day at pick up.  Parents and guardians should come prepared to identify themselves with Government issued photo identification.  A child will not be released to an individual who cannot confirm their identity if they were requested to do so.




At a minimum, we maintain a 1:10 Coach (CIT’s included) to Camper ratio onsite, which greatly exceeds the provincial standard of 1:15.    Off site in a controlled environment, we maintain a minimum 1:8 ratio.  Additionally, during out trips, we aim maintain a minimum 1:6 ratio or less.




Any staff intervening in a major or minor injury will follow the guideline as noted in the employee training handbook.  An intervention report shall be completed, signed by a parent or guardian and kept on record indefinitely.


Offsite Injuries

Small injury – The camper will be taken to the Assistant Director and they will administer first aid.  An Intervention Report will be completed, outlining how the injury occurred.


Large injury – The above procedures are completed and the Director is notified of the situation immediately.  If 911 is necessary, the Director will make the call.  Appropriate actions will be taken according to the injury.  The other Coaches and CIT’s will continue the program and will remove the other children from the area.  When required, the attending staff will complete an in depth report with the Director, outlining the situation and circumstances.  This report will be put on file, and be signed by the parent or guardian.




All illnesses must be communicated to camp staff in order to ensure the effective care of the camper.  Campers who may have contagious illnesses may be required to stay home from camp until a medical Doctor gives written notice that their illness is no longer contagious.  Serious illness that does not physically permit a child to come to camp may be considered for a partial refund when a doctor’s note is presented, outlining a child’s inability to participate in regular camp activities.




All medication must be presented to staff on a camper’s first day.  A camp medication form must be completed with specific details in regards to dosage and when it should be administered.  In addition, all medications must be in the original issued bottle and properly labeled. Should the administration of the medication exceed the abilities of our staff, parents/guardians will be informed upon arrival.  No medication other than a physician prescribed inhaler or epipen may be kept on person or in personal belongings undeclared.

Note -

It is not uncommon for some of our campers to take medication for ADHD.  We realize that often it may seem like children don’t need this medication during the summer because it is a time to be free, have fun, and use energy without having to concentrate in the classroom.  Although camp is not school, it is extremely important that children be able to concentrate, as many aspects of our program require concentration.  Please allow us to work with you and your child’s physician to understand the camp atmosphere so that the correct decision about medication can be made.




A forecast of a humidex of 40 degrees or more for two consecutive days is considered a government issued heat warning.  Any heat warning will result in adapted programming and a reconsideration of any outdoor out trips.  Temperatures with humidex of mid to high thirties will result in a consideration of adapted programming and increased breaks for rest and water. 

Extreme weather caused by storms may result in adapted programming, or in extreme cases cancellation of our programming, including out trips.    




 All out trips and programming are subject to weather conditions and unpredictable circumstances and may be adapted or cancelled with little or no notice.  No refunds or compensations will be issued for such changes or cancellations.




Our facility is a nut aware facility, meaning that we do not permit nut products on site.  However, due to the multiuse nature of our facility and the numerous campers in our program, we cannot guarantee a nut free facility.  Any food or snacks containing nuts may be confiscated and replaced with a suitable snack at the parent/guardians cost.  In addition, we do not accept any liability from nut allergies, as we do not guarantee a nut free facility.




All allergy and severe medical concerns must be communicated to the administration during registration to make sure that we can take suitable precautions.  Although we will make efforts for the safety of the child, we cannot guarantee contaminant free facilities or activities for allergies, or necessary restrictions for severe medical concerns.  Parents/Guardians of children with serious allergies or medical concerns must contact the administration directly to see if our program and facilities can properly and safely cater to their child’s needs.




Our swim policies are based on the City of Ottawa camps and general swim policies.  Children 7 and under are not permitted to take the swim test and must wear an orange bracelet for the duration of the swim time, while remaining in the small swimming pool.  Children 8 to 10 must complete a swim test each swim day.  This test is approximately 10 meters in length and must be completed unassisted.  If a camper chooses to not complete the test or is unable to unassisted, they will be required to wear a lifejacket and wear an orange wristband.  All campers will be given a camp wristband to identify themselves as a Summer Shake Day Camp camper.  In addition, all campers will be paired up with another camp for the duration of their swim, not staying with their partner will result in a loss of pool privileges.  Child who remove their lifejackets will be required to sit out.






Out trip departure times may vary depending on where the out trip is to.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to have their children checked in by 8:45AM the morning of an out trip to ensure adequate time to prepare and depart.  No stops or deviances from out trip routes can be made to accommodate late parents.  Three counts will be made prior to departure and confirmed with check in information prior to departing.  On the bus, children are expected to stay seated and act appropriately, adhering to all instructions by the bus operator as well as any staff or volunteers.




On Wednesday of each week, campers will be issued a wristband for the duration of their swim time.  If your child loses or breaks their wristband, there will be a $2.00 fee to replace it.  This wristband must also be worn for the duration of the Friday out trip if one is issued.




Every year, each camper will be issued one camp t shirt.  This shirt must be worn every Friday on our weekly out trip to help us identify campers.  If campers come without their shirt, one may be borrowed with a $5.00 deposit or piece of identification. 




In accordance with the Child and Family Services Act 1990, Summer Shake Day Camp adheres to their responsibility to report situations that require legal intervention to a society or law enforcement agency as necessary.  Details on our legal responsibility to report can be found in the Child and Family Services Act 1990 Section 72.






All individuals will evacuate the immediate area of the fire.  Authorized personnel will use fire extinguishers located throughout the building to extinguish the fire.  If the fire is not extinguished major fire protocol will then be implemented.




When a major fire is identified, the individual should immediately pull the closest fire alarm and exit the building.  Once exited from the building, all individuals must gather in the designated safe zones on either side of the building.  Children will all be accounted for and numbers will be reported to the Director and building administrator.




When and earthquake takes place, campers will be instructed to protect themselves from any falling objects by getting under a table or chair.  Once the initial quake has ended, child will exit the building and go directly to the designated safe zones.  All children will be accounted for and number will be reported to the Director and building administrator.  All staff, volunteers and campers must wait for the building administrator to inspect the building and deem it safe for re-entry. 




All campers and staff must report to the camp room and be accounted for.  Numbers must be reported to the Director and further instruction will be given, as necessary depending on the situation.




A number of other emergency procedures are in place to respond in unpredictable circumstances.  The details of these procedures remain confidential for the protection of campers and staff.






Discipline at camp is at the discretion of trained Coaches, Lead Coaches and Directors.  Communication of certain issues shall remain anonymous, with certain information omitted for the protection of other children and staff.





Summer Shake’s Behaviour Intervention Plan (BIP) exists to provide a consistent guideline and basis for behaviour intervention in all situations for all children who attend our camp.  It enables us to maintain an in depth record for children with consistent behavioural difficulties and coach a child into a maintaining a healthy behavioural standard.


By ‘Coach’ or ‘Coaching’, we mean: to use verbal conversation to enable a child to work through an issue or problem in a manner that is constructive and supportive of their own development and growth.  This conversation should: enable them to recognize the issue, discuss possible solutions and decide what the most constructive solution is.  Coaching is done with patience, understanding and care, with an emphasis on the wellbeing and best interest of the child.


By ‘Incident’, we mean any situation or event that may require behaviour intervention.

Any exceptions to this intervention plan should only be made on a case by case basis, by individuals with the qualifications and experience to make a decision on behalf of the child, which might be in the best interest or wellbeing of the child or other children at the camp.


The following is Summer Shake Day Camp’s progressive Behaviour Intervention Plan:

  • Behaviour Intervention is required.


  • Isolate the issue and those involved.

  • Gather information relating to the incident from every individual involved.

  • Compare this information with any staff or volunteers that may have witnessed or been involved in the incident.

  • If more than one child is involved, assess the situation in a constructive manner with all children together.  Maintain control of the conversation at all times.

  • Identify any trigger that may have instigated the incident.

  • Implement an appropriate consequence for their behaviour if necessary.

  • Coach the Child

    Walk the child through understanding what they did was wrong and why it is considered wrong.

    If a consequence was necessary, coach them through understanding why a consequence was necessary and why that consequence was appropriate.

    Help the child develop a plan on how they might avoid this kind of incident in the future. (Avoiding the trigger if present)

  • Complete an Intervention Report

    Have the report initialed by a Director.

    Place the Intervention Report in the correct binder for a parent/guardian to sign it.


  • When the situation isn’t resolved, becomes overwhelming, or is repetitive in nature.


  • Ask a Director to become involved.

  • With the Director, create a Personalized Behaviour Intervention Plan (PBIP) for the child.

    By recommendation of the Director, the child will be assigned a partnership with a Coach that feels they have adequate experience to assist the child.

    Maintain a personal log of behaviour through their PBIP.

  • Communicate the nature of this PBIP with the child, parent and staff. 

  • Communicate our program’s capabilities and procedures, noting the progressive nature of this behaviour and potential outcomes should it progress.


  • When our environment and resources can no longer meet the needs of a child.


  • PBIP Meeting will take place and the Children’s Pastor will be notified of the situation.

    This meeting will consist of the Directors, assigned Lead Coach and the assigned Coach to the child involved.

  • PBIP Parent Meeting will take place.

    This meeting will consist of the Director, assigned Coach and Parent of the child involved.

  • Options will be offered by the Director depending on the outcome of the meetings.

    From this, a parent may be offered a reassessment of the child’s PBIP.

    If this is not deemed possible by the Director, a parent will be asked to willfully withdraw their child from our program. Our regular refund policy as outlined in Summer Shake Day Camp General Camp Policies will go into effect.

    If they do not willfully withdraw their child, the child will be expelled from camp with no refund.

Summer Shake Day Camp staff reserve the righ to override or expedite this policy and procedure at any time if it is deemed necessary.






Cancellations and transfers can be made up to 10 working days (2 weeks) prior to the start of a session with 100% refund.  Cancellations less than 10 working days will receive 50% of the original payment.  If a transfer is made less than 10 working days prior to the start of a session, a $10.00 administration fee will be charges.  There are absolutely no refunds once a session begins.




Cash, credit, debit and cheques are accepted on site (Please make cheques payable to Woodvale Pentecostal Church).  Online payments can be made through our website with a designation to Summer Shake Day Camp.  Cheques are to be post-dated no later than 2 weeks prior to your child’s first day of camp.  A fee of $25.00 will be charged for NSF cheques.




4:00 – 4:30 PM is the designated time for parents to pick up their children.  At 4:30 PM, children who have not yet been picked up will automatically be put into the afternoon childcare service.  Afternoon childcare is available for camp families from 4:30 – 5:30PM.  This is an additional cost of $2.00 per child, per day.  Please pay this in advance, if possible or have your $2.00 ready when picking up your child.




After care ends at 5:30PM sharp.  Late parent arrival are subject to additional fees.  The fees are as follows:

Between 5:30 – 5:40 PM – there is an additional $2.00 charge.

Between 5:40 – 5:50 PM – there is an additional $10.00 charge ($12.00 owing).

Between 5:50 – 6:00 PM – there is an additional $10.00 charge ($22.00 owing).

Every 10 minutes thereafter is an additional $10.00 charge.

Late fees are per child.






Campers are permitted to bring water bottles, books, food, sunscreen and clothing items.  Please put your child’s name on all belongings.  We cannot guarantee the safekeeping of extra items and are not responsible for the loss or damage of items.  Campers are not permitted to bring gum, phones, tablets, music devices, pocket knives, video games, trading cards, weapons of any kind, and toys.  Parents/guardians who are unsure about an item should ask a staff member upon arrival.



A bike stand is located outside the main camp entrance.  Bikes are not permitted to be parked inside the church.  Campers are welcome to use the bike stand, however Sumer Shake does not accept any liability for lost or stolen bikes.

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